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Hometown Hero 50ML E-Juice| Eliquid | Groovyvape.com


Hometown Hero is Veteran owned and giving back is a HUGE part of why we do this. We also give 1% of our profits to the Disabled American Veterans charity.  Thank you to all the Veterans and those currently serving who continue to support us.

Ambrosia- This flavor is as unique as they come. You will be blown away by how wonderful this tastes and how different it is from anything else you have ever vaped. Ambrosia was three months in the making and due to its hugely positive reception as a seasonal flavor, it moved into a permanent spot in our lineup. Ambrosia has a melon inhale with a berry exhale and citrus notes throughout. Everyone who has tried this flavor has told us they have never tried anything like it. It’s sweet melon with a sharp citrus backing give it a flavor that is unlike any eliquid on the market. Pick up a bottle and see for yourself today.

Angel Tears- Angel Tears eliquid by Hometown Hero was created as an homage to what is arguably the best snow cone flavor ever, Tiger’s Blood. We think we nailed it and it is one of the most popular flavors in the Hometown Hero lineup. If you like fruit flavors, Angel Tears will definitely quench any craving you have. It’s refreshing watermelon inhale and rich, sweet berry coconut exhale. This was the first flavor we ever released and has been #1 for a very long time. If you’re looking for refreshing vape at a great price, pick up a bottle of Angel Tears today.


Angel's Breath- Angel’s Breath eliquid by Hometown Hero is a very light menthol version of our most popular flavor, Angel Tears. Angel’s Breath is notorious for being vaped by people who claim to hate menthol, and then make this their all day vape. This flavor has a refreshing cool watermelon inhale with a soothing berry and coconut exhale. Some of our customers have told us that this flavor reminds them of cotton candy or like watermelon chill gum. This is also one of the oldest flavors in our line because the people that love it can’t stop buying it. Try it and see for yourself.


Holy Fritter- Holy Fritter is a truly unique apple vape. In normal Hometown Hero fashion, we wanted to create an apple vape like nothing anybody has ever tried before. We combined the smooth sweetness of apple with the richness of cake. Holy Fritter has an apple cinnamon inhale with a cakey exhale. Just sweet enough to quench your sweet tooth but light enough for an all-day vape. Some of our customers have told us that Holy Fritter tastes just like your favorite apple cereal. Like all of Hometown Hero’s flavors, Holy Fritter was months in the works with hundreds of iterations before we found the balance it needed to make it the perfect apple vape. Pick up your bottle now to find out for yourself why everyone loves this flavor.


Legend- Legend by Hometown Hero Vapor is another new addition to the lineup. We’ve combined the creamy flavor of bananas and the rich sweetness of rum to make the perfect vape cocktail. If you’re a fan of sweet banana flavors this is the eliquid for you. After 100+ iterations of this flavor concept Hometown nailed the perfect balance of banana and rum – the banana isn’t too overpowering and the rum gives it a perfect kick. You’ll definitely go ape for this one.


Red Dream- Hometown Hero Vapor took the classic strawberries & cream vape and added a savory sweet kettle corn to put our own twist on it. Red Dream has a warm and salty kettle corn inhale with a sweet strawberry and cream finish. This flavor sounds weird but everyone who tries it falls in love on the first puff. There is a reason Red Dream is one of our best sellers. We have always been in love with the strawberry cream and kettle corn sold in bags at shopping malls all over the US. This flavor is dedicated to that mouthwatering flavor and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.


Rice Crispy Treats- Rice Crunchy Squares eliquid by Hometown Hero is as close you can get to inhaling a tray of gooey crispy marshmallow rice treats. Hometown Hero wanted to make an eliquid that reminded anyone who vaped it of the Rice Crunchy Squares their mom used to make. This flavor has a sweet and succulent rice crunchies inhale and a delicious sweet marshmallow exhale. Rice Crunchy Squares has been in our lineup since the beginning and to this day is still a fan favorite. If you like desert flavors and want something to add an extra bit of sweetness to your life, Rice Crunchy Squares is the best vape juice to get the job done. Once you try this wonderful e juice it’ll be hard to vape anything else.


Sun Drops- Hometown Hero has made the perfect vape for spring and summer with Sun Drops eliquid. This flavor has a refreshing, lightly sweetened tea inhale with a passion fruit exhale. Sun Drops is light enough to be an all-day vape but sweet enough to get you coming back for more. Hometown Hero made this e juice so you could have the refreshing taste of summer year-round. Like actual tea, tea eliquid can be exceptionally hard to formulate due to the complexity of herbal flavor. But we at Hometown Hero put our faith in the tea leaves and after many tries we’ve produced the best tasting, easy vaping tea eliquid flavor available. If you’re looking for a sweet refreshing eliquid you can vape on all day without getting vaper’s tongue, Sun Drops is for you!


Why So Cereal?- Hometown Hero is proud to present our special take on the ever-popular cereal vape. Why So Cereal? was one of the first flavors that Hometown vapor ever developed and we decided to bring it back! We took the simple idea of making a cereal vape and made it our own by combining a sweet milky cereal base with fresh ripe raspberries. Why So Cereal? has a slightly tart kick with a creamy rich backing for a truly unique flavor. Many of our customers tell us it is the most interesting and best cereal vape on the market today. By taking a different spin on an old classic, Hometown Hero has made an e juice that stands apart from its competitors while still having the familiar cereal flavor you love. Pick up a bottle now to see for yourself!


Stormy- Stormy is the smoothest, most refreshing vape in Hometown Hero’s entire lineup. We took the cool flavor of cucumber and added a twist of lime to give it a mild bite. After spending months of working and reworking the perfect mixture of flavors we created a stunning eliquid unlike anything on the market today. Hometown Hero takes pride in making some of the most interesting, and unique flavors that not only taste great, but are ADV reliable and keep your coils clean after days of vaping. Order Stormy today to taste for yourself the smoothest, most unique vape flavor you’ve ever tried.


Wild Buffalo- Wild Buffalo is Hometown Hero’s old fashioned craft root beer with vanilla bean ice cream eliquid flavor. We wanted to make a truly old fashioned style vape with Wild Buffalo. What better way to bring back memories of getting a root beer float at the ice-cream shop with your family (besides actually making a root beer float) than to vape it? Taking the classic root beer flavor and adding the creamy richness of vanilla bean ice cream makes this vape something special. Wild Buffalo might be one of Hometown Hero’s newest flavors but it is quickly becoming a rising star in our lineup. Get a bottle of Wild Buffalo today to find out why everyone loves this effervescent eliquid flavor.


Witch Doctor- Witch Doctor eliquid by Hometown Hero is what we wanted tobacco to taste like. Take the best tobacco essence and add in a hint of light milk chocolate to get what is arguably the best tobacco flavor in all of vaping. With the help of our friend at The Vapor Project, we built this flavor from the bottom up. After making 100+ variations of this flavor, we finally made something that had every tobacco snob (and even some people who don’t normally vape tobacco eliquid) falling in love. This sweet yet rich flavor has the perfect blend of chocolate and tobacco that is rich enough for a full flavor yet sweet enough to be an all-day vape. Witch Doctor is by far the best tobacco vape on the market. Pick up a bottle today to see for yourself.

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